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Our van was involved in a 4 car pile up this morning (09/12/2020) on the Bedford Road… we were no 3 in line so there is significant damage to the front, the side and the back!

It (the van) has worked its socks off since opening over 5 years ago but especially during the COVID pandemic (you may have heard of it!) so we can’t see it surviving this little altercation.

We deliver bread to the hospital, university, county council and many farm shops, deli’s, cafes and restaurants so really need to be back on our feet / wheels ASAP.

Please consider donating so we can retire our little champ and get an upgrade as soon as possible. We are insured you will be glad to know but don’t envisage the pay out being very significant as he really was a bit old & tired.

The backbone of our business is our wholesale trade which enables us to do what we do in the community, supporting vulnerable women back into work.

Please and thank you for reading!


1 review for Van Donation £5

  1. Julie

    Please get well asap and be safe 🌈

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