Sourdough Cheese & Marmite (Small)


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Regrettably we have had to increase the price as marmite has gone up astronomically! Our cost has gone up by 150% – paying £25 a tub of marmite now makes us want to cry… we have tried to hold out as long as possible but the shortage isn’t easing up at all.

Our sourdough dough takes pride of place on our shelves, made from just flour, salt and water. Taking 48 hours to produce, this is no quick process. From feeding the starter culture to a 24 hour cold prove to give the distinctive sour taste and heavy crust.

Cheese and marmite are kneaded through this sensational loaf making it a firm favourite with the crowd!

Ingredients: White flour, wholemeal flour, water & salt

Allergens: Gluten (flour)

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Not Sliced, Thick, Thin


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